Hello, hello, I'm Eggy and I'm a hecking loser

I post mostly personal junk and a bunch of my art, along with way too many selfies hehh

so yeah, feel free to follow me or maybe even say hello yeaah
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armin duck for my friend

ug h my head is really loud

4 da bae <3

im fuckign dying oh mmy god this is it

this is our friendship.

a fucking dick sweater.

tryna be Nitori o < o

Im so excited for the 100th episode hhhh

Anonymous asked: You do to have a cute laugh don't lie to me. There's like 3-5 people in the world who are practically the embodiment of cute an you're def one of them!

image aaaa omg shhhno

Anonymous asked: pls dont be sad ur too perfect to be sad

image I am okay now, friend

Anonymous asked: You have a really cute laugh

omg no Im either just breathing roughly or fuckin cackling i swea r

Anonymous asked: Is it bad that I laughed so fucking hard I almost fell off my couch? My cat was also staring at me while I was dying off laughter. Oh my god xD

Im glad

justinaleson asked: mspaintcharacterz hell ya hell ya

every1 go follow this blog

my cats hate me and this is probably one of the reasons why


dragondeathscythe asked: *whale noises*