Hello, hello, I'm Eggy and I'm a hecking loser

I post mostly personal junk and a bunch of my art, along with way too many selfies hehh

so yeah, feel free to follow me or maybe even say hello yeaah
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Anonymous asked: You have a really cute laugh

omg no Im either just breathing roughly or fuckin cackling i swea r

Anonymous asked: Is it bad that I laughed so fucking hard I almost fell off my couch? My cat was also staring at me while I was dying off laughter. Oh my god xD

Im glad

justinaleson asked: mspaintcharacterz hell ya hell ya

every1 go follow this blog

my cats hate me and this is probably one of the reasons why


dragondeathscythe asked: *whale noises*

I finally finished this stupid comic for my gay internet friend

here u go bby

basically long story short, Rin is a fucking loser and I love him

yes the barbies are mutilated to resemble himself and Haru

Anonymous asked: Same anon as before, but. Uh. Yeah why is he doing the do with a shrub?

Anonymous asked: Why. Why is he.... Is he supposed to be humping a bush? I am so lost. This anon is also sorry. =~=

it’s not a bush. It’s a shrub.

me and two friends were laughing until we fuckign cried over this roleplay oh my go d

fire-death-team asked: You know the movie Shrek right? Would you be able to draw yourself in that style?

we do not discuss that movie or it’s terrifying… ‘fandom’

Anonymous asked: u r adorable and ily

aaaa thank you friend ily2 u v u

goodmorning ^o^

oh yeah btw I finished my princess mononoke mask

still considering making a full princess mononoke cosplay but idk yet

*cough* uh fair warning, as much as I love and appreciate all the asks I’m getting for the draw yourself series, I feel a bit anxious/uncomfortable having so many drawings of myself being posted one after another sorry i just feel likle it’s self centered??? so yeah, I have a few more in my ask box and I will do them, but I think I might do some other drawings in between, including a comic for a roleplay buddy, so just know I’m not ignoring your asks im just a weenie about it all and want to balance it out with other art u w u